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The Christmas Store

For more than two decades, The Christmas Store has been a Christmas-time outreach for the North Texas community. Through The Christmas Store, families in need in our community have had the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts at greatly discounted prices. Most importantly, while at The Christmas Store, guests hear the message of the Gospel.

In future years, we will take Prestonwood Cares and the Christmas-time outreaches into our North Texas communities, serving in Jesus’ name alongside ministry partners, and helping people in healthy church assimilation.

But this year, as we continued to partner with churches and minister to those affected by the devastating storm in the Greater Houston/Beaumont area, we were burdened at the loss of property and lives. Christmas for many in this area will be dramatically different than in years past … and to some, the simple joys of Christmas that include a present and family fellowship are at risk of not happening.

This burden, a seed from the Holy Spirit, led us to take our Christmas Store resources to churches in hurricane-devastated areas, assisting them in facilitating their own Christmas outreach.

For more information, please contact:
Prestonwood Missions
Phone: 972-820-5030