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Prestonwood Cares

Prestonwood Cares is a great ministry opportunity to feed, disciple, and share the Gospel with the suburban poor.

  • Pick up an empty Food Pak and instructions in the Atrium on April 22–23 or 29–30.
  • Return filled Food Paks to stations in the parking lots April 29–30 and May 6–7.

Volunteer to visit designated families and deliver food by filling out a form when picking up the empty Food Pak.

The mission of Prestonwood Cares is to be the hands and feet of Jesus by reaching the suburban poor in our communities and providing them with food, sharing the Gospel with them, developing them in Christian living, and ministering to their needs.

The face of poverty has changed as more and more people in our communities find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Through a newly launched ministry, Prestonwood Cares, we are partnering with Children’s Hunger Fund to help deliver hope to hurting families. Our prayer is that our church family would make an immediate and an eternal difference in the lives of families we have yet to meet by ministering to their physical and spiritual needs.

Check back soon for online registration.