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Volunteer Training

Thank you for volunteering to visit an assigned area family who has a need for food. Beyond delivering the physical food, however, our greatest desire is that you attempt to develop an ongoing relationship with them, helping them come to faith in Christ. It is our prayer that God would use you as a catalyst for their finding a permanent way out of poverty and freedom in Christ.  

Below are two Gospel-sharing techniques we teach at Prestonwood to assist you in sharing your faith. One method is The Good News of Grace which is a simplified version of Evangelism Explosion. The other is the Three Circles presentation that our entire Bible Fellowship Ministry learned recently. Whichever method you choose, remember that building a relationship with your assigned family is crucial, so be sensitive about the timing of your sharing.  

The Good News of Grace Tract (View)

Three Circles Gospel Presentation

Download the Three Circles App (Iphone or Android)