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Prison Ministry

"...I was in prison and you came to me." —Matthew 25:36b

The need to take the Gospel to men, women and youth who are incarcerated is greater than ever. Did you know that one in every 31 adults in the U.S. is in prison, on parole or on probation? In the state of Texas alone, there are more than 2,500 youth incarcerated and approximately 150,000 adults. More than just responding to the needs around us, Prison Ministry exists to fulfill the Great Commission among those in prison and jail.

Through Prison Outreach, Prestonwood seeks to share the Gospel with the lost in prison and to disciple believers in their faith. This is done through various avenues like weekend prison trips, letter correspondence, Bible study programs, and our annual outreach. However, prison ministry extends beyond the prison itself, as we seek to mentor ex-offenders and provide aftercare to help them live victorious lives. Prestonwood ministers in multiple jails and prisons each month through volunteers sharing the Gospel with incarcerated men, women and youth.


The mission of Prison Outreach and Restoration is to fulfill the mission of Prestonwood Baptist Church in local state prisons, jails and correctional facilities.


Our vision for Prison Outreach and Restoration is to facilitate opportunities for the body of Christ in and through Prestonwood Baptist Church, in cooperation with other Christian ministries, to grow in faith, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated, ex-offenders, their families and officers.

Areas of Ministry

Prestonwood ministers in eight different jails and prisons each month through volunteers sharing the gospel with incarcerated men, women, and youth.  Beyond the ongoing emphasis to share the gospel in everything we do, Prestonwood partners with Champions For Life to share the gospel with thousands of inmates during Weekend of Champions events.

There are multiple ways to get involved in Prison Outreach at Prestonwood.  Some involve going into the prison, others involve writing inmates from home, and even mentoring those who have been released from jail or prison.  God can use you in any and all of these avenues.  Below you will find a description of the four primary areas of ministry in Prison Outreach.  Prayerfully consider one of these areas or one of the monthly opportunities and start making a difference with the light of the Gospel in the lives of those in dark places.

Evangelism: Evangelism is critical because people apart from Christ are lost. Sharing the Good News and the hope we have in Christ is not as challenging as some may think in a prison setting. Prisoners already know that they are caught in a life of sin.

Discipleship: Most of the ongoing work in the Prison Ministry is discipleship. There are many opportunities to encourage believers monthly through Bible study, correspondence courses and visits to faith-based dorms.

Mentoring: Statistics show that 70 percent of ex-offenders who are released from prison return within three years. Mentoring seeks to do something about this problem. Men and women can be partnered with ex-offenders to mentor them by modeling biblical character, providing godly wisdom and continual encouragement as the ex-offender seeks to live a victorious life. If an inmate comes to know Christ and is mentored after leaving prison, he or she is seven times less likely to return to prison.

Aftercare: Our church is partnering with other programs that seek to provide an organized, accountable and professional framework of support to help inmates transition back into society. This support includes helping inmates with job-skills training, alternative education opportunities, employment, housing and spiritual growth through the local church.

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