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Director's Note

We are so excited about the opportunities we have to reach our community for Christ and to serve you, our church family, through sports. Pastor Jack Graham had the vision to use team sports, especially children’s team sports, to connect with those around us who do not know Christ. We are living this dream through our children’s and adult team sports.  

In addition, we also offer individual and dual sport activities, as well as cardiovascular and weight training equipment. If you are not yet involved in any of our programs, or have not used the Sports & Fitness Center (SFC) to work out or fellowship with others, let me encourage you to begin now. 

This is a great place to bring friends, relatives, work associates or neighbors who are not quite ready to go to Bible study or church. Invite them to register their children in one of our children’s sports leagues. You’ll be moving your friends one step closer to Christ and the church as you get them involved. To make the SFC even more accessible for everyone, there is a minimal membership fee for church members and guests.

Your fellow servant, 

Mike Maack
Director of Sports Outreach