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Prestonwood Partners with Covenant Eyes

What People Do Online
Impacts Their Lives Offline

Today, with increased accessibility to the Internet through smartphones, tablets and other media devices, the availability of Internet pornography is rampant. In fact, a recent Time magazine with the cover title of “Porn”[1] noted one pornography website that receives 2.4 million visitors per hour. No longer are the days of men and women purchasing adult magazines at convenience stores. Today, sexually graphic images are as easy to access as e-mail. Unfortunately, this rise in availability has led to millions of people developing pornography addiction. So Prestonwood is partnering with Covenant Eyes to help families be proactive in the war against pornography. Covenant Eyes is a family Internet filter that equips people to protect themselves and their families from online dangers.

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Please take a few moments to view a message from Pastor Jack Graham about our churchwide emphasis on purity.

Trusted by Thousands

Before Covenant Eyes, I always slipped back into porn; and shame and embarrassment would follow. Now, I make sure someone I trust knows what I’m searching on my phone; and receiving reports that tell me I’m doing well encourages me to move forward in freedom. —Shamari, Covenant Eyes Customer


Consider a few of the recent statistics on pornography:

  • One-third of people come across pornography weekly or more often, even if they’re not seeking it.
  • More than 1 in 8 web searches are for erotic content.
  • 12% of practicing Christian teens seek out pornography weekly.
  • 61% of young adults ages 18–24 seek out pornography at least once a month.
  • 68% of divorces involved one party’s meeting a new lover over the Internet.
  • 71% of teens have done something to hide what they do online from their parents. 

These stats illustrate why the governor of Utah recently declared pornography a public health crisis. Even though it is a growing problem, you can take preventative steps to help ensure the online safety of your entire family.   


Overcoming a struggle with pornography involves praying, reading the Bible, committing to a local church and something more—accountability. Accountability is the fuel that propels lasting change in a person’s life, and it comes with having an accountability partner, another person of the same sex who is there to help encourage, correct, teach, rejoice, and weep with you. In God’s Word, we see examples of accountability and discipleship, including Paul’s mentoring of Timothy and Titus. Other heroes of faith in the Bible had supportive friends as well, because life was never meant to be lived solo but strengthened in community. The Christian life requires teamwork.      

Guidelines for Accountability

  • Seek accountability with someone of the same gender.
  • Seek accountability with someone who is a godly and growing Christian.
  • Be specific in the questions you ask each other. Click here for a list of suggested questions.
  • Be consistent and regular in accountability.
  • Be accountable regarding your quiet time, reading the Bible  and in prayer.


Find peace of mind with Internet accountability software. Internet accountability is not about catching someone red-handed. Instead, Internet accountability is a report of what you see and do online, designed to start a conversation, helping everyone in the home make wiser choices about Internet use. 

What Can You Do to Protect Your Home?

Install Covenant Eyes on all your computers, mobile devices and tablets. Covenant Eyes is the standard for Internet integrity with accountability through monitoring. Safeguard yourself and your family from the dangers, risks and liabilities of Internet pornography.

Covenant Eyes Is Easy to Use

Covenant Eyes monitors websites on computers, smartphones and tablets. It monitors the websites visited, the videos watched, and the words typed into search engines. Every website is rated similar to those for video games, such as “T for Teen” (meaning the content and graphics are not for children’s use) and “M for Mature” (meaning the content and graphics are for adults only), and a list of the sites visited is sent in an easy-to-read accountability report.

  • For parents, this provides an easy way to monitor kids’ online activity and talk to them about making wise choices when accessing the Internet.
  • For adults, just knowing someone else receives a report on your online activity reduces the temptation to click inappropriate links.

How Much Does Covenant Eyes Cost?

Covenant Eyes is offering a special rate to Prestonwood families. Please click on the "Sign Up" button below in order to receive more information from our Pastor about our special partnership.

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After you sign up to receive Covenant Eyes, the first step is to install it on any device you wish to monitor. There’s no extra cost to install it on multiple devices, and no matter which device you use to sign in to Covenant Eyes—work computer, laptop, smartphone, or iPod touch®, for example—all your Internet use will show up in one report.

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[1] Time, March 31, 2016.