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Internship Ministry

“While at Prestonwood, as an intern you will experience dynamic worship, excellent ministry practice, and a myriad of service opportunities that will enhance your calling and prepare you for a lifetime of effective ministry leadership. You will also take part in a personal discipleship and mentorship program that will allow you to deepen your faith and strengthen the uniqueness and influence of your calling.” —Pastor Jack Graham

Benefits of the Intern Program

  • Experience on-site practical training in ministry
  • Work alongside nearly 30 other interns
  • Work one-on-one with divisional minister in designated area of service
  • Teach and lead on a weekly basis
  • Have the opportunity to be discipled and grow spiritually on a personal level
  • Have the privilege to disciple others and grow members of the Church in their faith
  • Learn from monthly intern development meetings that include hearing from senior-level ministers and receiving free resources to help further education
  • Use on-site library for research and writing projects
  • Learn methodologies and leadership practices from one of the largest churches in America
  • Have the unique privilege of working with a multisite campus (Plano and North Campus internships available)


  • Committed follower of Christ
  • In good academic standing at a local conservative seminary or masters-level program with a biblical studies emphasis
  • Within 10 years of high school graduation and has obtained undergraduate degree
  • Assurance of God’s call to church ministry
  • Agreement to the Intern Covenant
  • Membership at Prestonwood


If you’re interested in the Intern Ministry, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Intern Manual and thoroughly read the information.
  2. If you would like to apply for an internship at Prestonwood, please complete the Questionnaire and Covenant online form.
  3. After you submit the online form, e-mail your resume and testimony to

If you have any questions, please call 972-820-5317 or e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an intern receive pay?
Yes. Prestonwood offers paid internships. Interns also receive a matriculation benefit to assist with the cost of purchasing books and materials.

What is the length of the internship?
We ask all interns to commit to a year of service. When the year is complete, we will evaluate whether an opportunity to extend the internship exists, to move up within the organization or to launch into a like-minded church.

Where do interns live?
All interns are encouraged to live close to the church and commute to school. If an intern cannot attain local lodging, our office keeps an active file of Prestonwood families that are available to serve as host homes. The intern is responsible for his/her food costs.


Joe Bayless
“The Prestonwood Intern Program has instilled in me the knowledge that ministry is about people and should always be done with excellence. Whether I’m meeting with first-time visitors, teaching a Bible Fellowship, or having lunch with a member, loving people and doing my best to serve them should be my goal. The ministers surrounding me encourage me to this end, and I always feel their care in helping to develop me to be a future leader in the church.”

Brady Fortenberry
“Joining Prestonwood as an intern has afforded me a huge advantage in growing as a ministry leader and potential full-time minister in the future. Throughout my internship, the Prestonwood staff has actively equipped me in the areas of teaching, discipleship and ministry development, so as to launch me into the call the Lord has placed on my life. I would highly encourage someone starting out in ministry to consider joining our team and being a part of what God is doing in the Dallas area and throughout the world.”

Hannah Crawford
“It has been an invaluable experience to be a part of the Intern Program at Prestonwood. It has allowed me the opportunity to apply the skills I am learning in seminary in real-life ministry situations, build relationships with fellow interns who are in a similar stage of life, and learn from some great ministers with years of wisdom and experience. I have been able to participate in every ministry of the church in at least some small way. This internship is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has prepared me for success in future ministry, and will continue to provide me with connections and support in future endeavors.”

“I can think of no greater learning experience for a seminary student to embrace than the Prestonwood Intern Program. You will learn invaluable leadership skills, gain pastoral ministry experience, and work alongside some of the greatest ministers in their field of expertise. If given the opportunity to serve in this great church and intern program, you must take advantage of it!” —Teaching Pastor Jarrett Stephens