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Date Night


As a guide for discussion during an upcoming date night


Commit to use technology in a God-honoring and spouse-honoring way.


• Set a date with your spouse. This can be over dinner or a time of coffee/dessert after putting the kids to bed.
• Take time to look at the list of suggested commitments.
• Pray that God would lead your marriage as you desire to connect more with each other.


Technology can be a great tool, but it can also distract us and keep us connected to a device instead of a person. Look at the following commitment tips and talk about some ways that you can connect more with each other. Make sure to focus on what you can do, not what you want your spouse to do.

Consider some of the following commitments to each other or come up with some of your own:
• Make date nights a tech-free zone by putting technology away during dates or times of connecting (except to make sure the babysitter isn’t calling).
• Check with my spouse before sharing online about him/her or our family. What I think is funny or cute might be something they would prefer to keep in the family.
• Protect our marriage by setting up accountability with each other and/or trusted friends such as Covenant Eyes.
• Use technology to encourage and share my love with my spouse. (e.g., sending a text to my spouse to say how much I love and appreciate him/her)
• Share all passwords with my spouse and give full access to any of my devices.
• I will show my spouse that conversation with him/her will be more important than e-mails, texts, calls, social media or other online activities.

Take some time to dream about fun things that you would like to do together as a couple to connect. Consider writing those items down and putting them in a jar to “draw” an activity to do during an upcoming date.

“Thank you, God, for our marriage. Thank you for technology and the benefits we enjoy because of it. Give us the wisdom and discipline to use it in a way that honors you. Help us to disconnect from our devices to connect more with each other. Thank you for our time together. Help us to grow closer to each other and to you. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”

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