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Screen-Free Fun Ideas


As a list of easy and constructive ways to connect and have a great time together


Technology can distract us from connecting with the people right in front of us. Put down those devices and have some real fun with your family and friends. Check out the following list on the back of this card for fun screen-free activities.


Choose from these activities that your family might enjoy doing together for real connection. Let the screen-free fun begin.

❑ Read a book
❑ Play a game
❑ Cook together
❑ Ride bikes
❑ Do a puzzle
❑ Blow bubbles
❑ Paint a picture
❑ Plant a garden
❑ Go bowling
❑ Go camping
❑ Visit the zoo
❑ Play sports
❑ Watch sporting event
❑ Go swimming
❑ Build a fort
❑ Do a service project
❑ Fly a kite
❑ Write a letter to family or a friend far away
❑ Make instruments and have a parade
❑ Make puppets and have a puppet show
❑ Visit a museum
❑ Have an ice cream sundae party
❑ Create art with sidewalk chalk
❑ Do a craft
❑ Bake cookies and take to a neighbor or friend
❑ Learn a new Bible verse
❑ Dress up in costumes
❑ Redecorate something in your home
❑ Volunteer to serve together
❑ Have a tea party
❑ Make something with Play-Doh®

Don’t stop now! Come up with your own connection ideas and see what great fun you can have together.

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