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Significant Connections


As a family night activity with younger children


Helps children understand that even good things can be negative when they distract us from what’s really important like God and our family.


• Schedule a family time.
• Gather items: Bible, blindfold or glasses (with lenses covered), beach ball or other soft ball, pillows/chairs/items to make a simple obstacle course


STEP ONE: The Setup
Tell the child/children that you want to have fun connecting and hanging out together but that they must watch out since there may be some distractions.

STEP TWO: The Distraction
Take turns being blindfolded or wearing the covered glasses as you do one or all of the following activities:

Play Ball: Tell the blindfolded person that you are going to play a fun game of “catch” and to keep his/her eye on the ball. Softly toss the ball a couple of times while they (obviously) miss it.
Obstacle: Set up a small obstacle course using pillows, chairs, etc. for the blindfolded person to navigate. Have another family member say she will “lead” the person through the obstacle course using only hand motions to guide them.
Face to Face: Sit the blindfolded person across the table from someone who will make different facial expressions showing an emotion. Have the blindfolded person try to guess if the other person is sad, happy, upset, silly, etc.


After each family member has taken a turn being blindfolded, ask:
• Was it hard when you were “distracted” by covered eyes?
• Was it hard to follow a leader you couldn’t see?
• How about connecting with the person’s emotions? Was it hard to know how he/she was feeling?

STEP FOUR: Read & Discuss
Read Matthew 14:28-30 aloud. Explain that when Peter’s eyes were focused on Jesus, he was able to walk on the water toward Christ. But as soon as he took his eyes off Jesus, Peter started to sink. What are some things that often distract us from keeping our eyes on Jesus? What distracts us from focusing on each other? (Mention the computer, video games, mobile devices, etc.) While it is fine to do a little bit of these things, we shouldn’t let them become our main focus and distract us from what matters most.

STEP FIVE: Pray End your time together thanking God for your family and asking Him to help you stay connected to each other and focused on Him.

© 2014 Inkling Innovations & Lydia Randall