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Date Night: Couple’s Time Capsule


Date night activity


Reading the Bible as an individual, as a couple and as a family is one of the best things you can do. Setting goals can take it from an idea to a reality.


Have the following supplies ready:
• Pen and paper
• Metal box (old jewelry case, old lunch box, etc.)
• Bible


1. In order to become the kind of people who read the Bible faithfully, we need to set a goal or it won’t happen. This date night idea is a fun way to set goals with your spouse for where you want to be as a family in terms of reading the Bible.

 2. You and your spouse are going to build a time capsule. You are going to write down a set of goals for what you wish to accomplish over the next few months as a family. What will it really mean to read the Bible five times per week as an individual, one time as a couple, and one time as a family over the next 120 days?

3. Go to a favorite place together. Bring a pen and a pad of paper. Share with each other where you want to be as an individual after 120 days in the Bible. Perhaps a goal would be to begin reading through the Bible in a year. Or you might choose to read a chapter of the Bible a day. Perhaps you want to memorize a favorite passage or chapter of the Bible. Write down the goal of what you could reasonably accomplish if you did it for five days a week over the next four months.
4. Each of you take a moment to write an individual goal and then share your reasons for your choices.

5. Take out a second sheet of paper, and decide what you would like to accomplish as a couple. In other words, how do we want to spend the one time a week together as a couple? For example: You might want to read a chapter in Proverbs together and then discuss how it has impacted you. You could choose Scripture to memorize together and share how God has used that Scripture to help you during that week.

6. Now take a third sheet of paper and decide how you will connect with your kids one time per week in God’s Word. How will you choose to connect as a family in the Bible? For example: You could choose to read one Psalm per week together, memorize a verse/short passage together, or incorporate it into your weekly family time. The possibilities are endless! Remember to choose a goal that is realistic and measurable.

7. Now take those three sheets of paper home with you, bury it in the time capsule and wait 120 days. Then dig it up, schedule another date where you create a new goal, and discuss what the Lord did in your lives and family by reading the Bible in such an intentional way.

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