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Sharing Our Story


Activity with older child/teen


This time will help your children understand their place in God’s story by reading God’s Story.


Schedule a time with your children to go out to dinner at a place they prefer. Bring a Bible, a pen and pad of paper.


1. Sharing a story is as human as breathing. It helps us learn about our identity and our purpose. It is through sharing stories that we learn to answer three vital questions:
• Who am I?
• Where do I belong?
• Why do I matter?

 2. One of the most impactful ways we arrive at the answers to these questions is by being around our parents, hearing grandparents tell stories, and ultimately hearing God’s story, the Gospel.

3. His story tells us who we are, why we belong in the world, and why we matter. God’s story helps us create a future grounded in a deeper understanding of our past.


Step One:
Go out for a meal with your son or daughter and do a little history. Research as far back as you can in your family history. Get creative. Share any stories that you know, perhaps one your parents or grandparents shared with you. The goal is to place your child’s story within a bigger picture.

Step Two: Tell your child that we read the Bible for the same reason we recall our family’s history. David, Moses and Paul are not just Bible characters; they are our spiritual ancestors. The Bible is the story of God’s people trying to learn what it means to live in God’s world, God’s way. Their story of struggle, triumph, loss and joy is not much different than ours.

Step Three: Pick a Bible story. Read the story. Avoid calling the people in the story “characters.” Do your best to make them real. Then ask these questions:
• What did they learn about God?
• What did they learn about themselves?
• What does their experience mean for us?

Step Four:
Pray for each other. Pray that the Bible would become more real, and thank God for telling His story to give us a sense of our identity and meaning.

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