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Follow these steps for a meaningful celebration:

1. Host a “flag raising ceremony” using a house flag or by placing a small flag in your yard.
2. Sing any of the patriotic songs listed on this card.
3. Say the Pledge of Allegiance together while facing the flag with your right hand over your heart.
4. Celebrate with a cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to America.
5. Bake sugar cookies in the shape of the USA, and decorate with red, white and blue frosting.
6. Invite your neighbors to a backyard BBQ.
7. Give thanks to God for the freedom we have through Jesus Christ; John 8:36 – “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
8. Take turns voicing short prayers of thanks for ways in which God has blessed America.

Pray for Godly Leadership

Read: 2 Chronicles 7:14
Do: Make a prayer flag with your family to pray for national and local leaders. Cut several stars from white paper. On each star, write the name of a local, state or national leader. Glue the stars onto blue paper. Glue red and white ribbon in a row across the top. Hang the prayer flag on the refrigerator or any visible area for the family. Invite everyone to choose a different leader from the flag to pray for each day.

Pray: Dear God, please give our leaders the courage to do what’s right and guide them into wise decisions. We pray specifically for INSERT NAME/ POSITION that he/she will follow Your leading in his/her position.

Read: Psalm 33:12
Do: Read portions of the Declaration of Independence aloud together. Afterward, work together to write a simple document declaring your own family’s dependence on God. In this document include such statements as “We declare our dependence on God as the King of kings and Lord of lords.” Invite your family to sign it and then read aloud your family’s testimony of your dependence upon God.

Pray: Finish in prayer telling God that you trust His divine leadership for America and for your family.

This Is My Country
God Bless America
America the Beautiful
God of This City
My Country ‘Tis of Thee

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