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Fighting for Purity

Written by Dave Jenkins

We live in a culture where the constant refrain in our movies, television shows and music seems to be “pursue sex outside of marriage because there are ‘no consequences.’” Our public schools and government (particularly via Planned Parenthood) openly encourage young people to pursue sex outside of marriage, divorced from responsibility, by handing out condoms and providing “sex education training.”

The Bible, however, presents a different picture—namely sex inside of marriage only. Sex inside of marriage may be the most countercultural action a Christian married couple can participate in.

The Battle Is All Around

We, as men and women, are forced into a battle every day against our foe, the Devil, who seeks to do us harm. The fight for sexual purity is a spiritual battle between a vanquished foe named Satan, and a victorious, triumphant and exalted Savior in Jesus Christ.

Men, fighting for your purity of mind and heart is serious spiritual warfare. All around us, the world is seeking to destroy you and me. Not only is the world and the satanic host armed to take you down, but your flesh cries out to be appeased. You are in a war and this war is very real. This is why fighting for purity is spiritually imperative.

Eight Ways to Fight for Purity

1. Christian soldiers take up the armor of God.
We are to put on all of it, not just pick up a sword and shield (Ephesians 6:11).

2. Christian soldiers use the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.
You can claim victory over evil only by knowing the truth found in the Word of God. If you don’t understand your identity in Christ, as one who is victorious, you will be unable to stand against the claims of Satan (the father of all lies).

3. Christian soldiers submit to godly leadership in the local church.
We know God has ordained those in leadership to be our shepherds. Their teaching and leadership should be respected and followed, so long as they maintain a biblical perspective and godly teaching.

4. Christian soldiers seek out accountability.
What war has ever been won alone? Jesus has given us comrades, fellow Christian men to help us through the struggle. No one should try to shoulder the weight of this fight alone.

5. Christian soldiers pray with their wives.
As our helpmates, our wives can be the strongest pillar in our fight against the flesh. They will (hopefully) be knowledgeable of the struggles men face in the flesh, and be willing to help in the fight for purity. A godly woman understands the sexual temptation of her husband can be the downfall of their marriage. Her righteous prayers can move mountains, so do not be afraid to conscript her in this war. She’s there to help, as God intended.

6. Christian soldiers love their wives.
At times it can be difficult to be both transparent and loving to your wife. Your wife may be hurt if you confess the struggles you have with purity, but a strong relationship is one of love and trust. If your wife cannot trust you, she may also struggle to love you. So I say again, love your wife, be honest with your wife, and engender trust and faith with your wife. Always remember, Jesus commands us to love our wives as He has loved the Church (and so died for the Church). If you show this type of love to your wife, she will see Christ in you.

7. Christian soldiers lead their wives.
 Be the leader you are called to be. Do not forsake your duties as a husband and shepherd of Christ in the home. Use your knowledge of Scripture to lead by example in a godly way. If you reflect a man of God to your family, God will use it to bless those in your care—not only your wife, but also your children (if you have any).

8. Christian soldiers use accountability software and submit to the Word of God.
The accountability software available is truly helpful in so many ways. However, without submitting to the teaching of the Word of God, the software can only go so far. It is up to you to allow the Holy Spirit to renew your mind through the Word on a daily basis. If you refuse to allow His Word to instruct you in the way you should go, you have lost the battle already.

Victory in Christ

You can fight for your purity and overcome temptation only by the grace of God. Hope and healing is in the Cross of Christ. He alone is your victory. He alone is your hope. Lean on Him and trust Him when He says He is “for you.” He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Jesus is the reason you can fight for purity and stand firm in the grace of God.

This is why it is vital to put the sin of pornography to death. Don’t coddle it, and don’t play games with it. A little sin will harm you a great deal. Don’t just look away when temptation comes your way whether in person or on the computer. Instead, pray and resist it by the grace of God. Jesus died in your place for your sin! He is the reason you can put your sin to death. So, men of God, slay the dragon of impurity and fight for your purity by the grace of God.

Jesus Christ is stronger than Satan could ever be—and He has given you VICTORY through Himself. Trust that His Word is true and you will remain victorious.

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