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Three Key Ingredients for Your Family Tech Plan

Written by Dan Martin

The technology industry is constantly changing. Adapting to the ever-changing
technology can be difficult for any parent to navigate. However, there are a few
simple strategies that, if employed, will help any parent navigate this digital age.

1. Protect children.

Protection involves several layers in today’s wired world. A comprehensive protection plan involves activating parental controls on all digital devices, browsers, specific social media sites, and apps. Also, adding protection at the router level is important to this endeavor. This will help with devices that are
brought into our homes by those friends of our children who might not have parental controls activated.

 Filtering and/or monitoring (a.k.a. Internet Accountability) are also important parts of a comprehensive protection plan. Covenant Eyes is a great Internet filtering and accountability software that offers an overall protection plan for families. The goal is not to bubble-wrap children, but to reasonably protect what they access.

2. Equip kids to thrive in a digital world.

If all we do is protect our kids from, we will fail to equip them for. It is important to send a protected child into the world, but it is more important to send an equipped child.

Equipping means that our homes become incubators for healthy learning, healthy growth, healthy correcting, and healthy dialogue about the impact and influence of technology. Technology can be a positive way to connect with and encourage peers. Your child needs you to equip him or her to use devices, apps and websites as outlets for creativity, fellowship and fun.

Equipping also means teaching the hard lessons of the potential downside of improper technology use. Use recent news stories to talk about the dark side of technology and help kids see where inappropriate online behavior can lead.

3. Most importantly, model wise and healthy technology use for your kids.

It remains true that observational learning is the primary way our kids develop understanding and learn behavior. It also remains true that parents are the primary influence in their kids’ lives. Not peers, not media, not celebrities— parents.

If we desire for our kids to use technology wisely, then we must model that behavior in our own lives, in our own homes. One example is limiting screen time for our kids and ourselves by keeping TVs, tablets, phones, iPods, etc. out of bedrooms.

Other ideas, like resting from technology and having our own Internet accountability, are ways we can model good technology health to our kids. Are you modeling the type of behavior you want your kids to act out beyond your home, or are you being vulnerable to the temptations and challenges you face with technology?

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