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“Hands-On Prayer Plan” Family-Time Activity


As a family-time activity with children


Helps to start a meaningful conversation about prayer and create a “hands-on” prayer plan


• Schedule a family time
• Gather items: Bible, paper, markers/crayons, scissors and tape


Step One: Hands-In
Gather in a circle. Have everyone put their hands in the middle. Thank God for each hand, and ask Him to give you a great time together. Finish with a big “AMEN!”

Step Two: Hand Trace
Trace around family members’ hands on paper and cut them out. Make at least five hands, plus one per person for bedrooms.

Step Three: Hands-On
Write a prayer and/or verse on the hand, and tape it where it is easily visible in each location of your home listed below. Use these hands as reminders to seek the Lord throughout your day and to pray for those in your home. Suggested prayers and verses are provided on the next page.

Bedroom (Numbers 6:24–26, Exodus 33:13)
• As you go to each family member’s room, thank God specifically for that person.
• “May the Lord bless and keep them.”
• “Guard and bless them as they sleep.”
• “Thank You for a warm/comfortable bed.”

Dining Room/Kitchen (Matthew 6:11, Psalm 34:8)

• “Bless our time together as a family.”
• “Fill our home with joy and laughter.”
• “We pray for those who are hungry.”

Bathroom (Ephesians 6:10–13, Psalm 139:14)
• “Help us to put on the armor of God, that we would prayerfully prepare to honor You in all we say and do.”
• “As we wash our bodies and teeth, we thank You for washing away our sins as we trust You.”
• “We pray for those who do not have clean water.”

Living Room (Philippians 4:8, Colossians 3:12)
• “We pray that our time together would honor You.”
• “Help us not to be distracted by our electronic devices.”
• “Thank You for the blessing of our family.”
• “We pray for those without a family.”

Door (Joshua 24:15, 1 John 3:16–18)

• “May all that enter/leave our home feel Your love, joy and peace.”
• “May we encourage and support each other.”
• “Even in conflict, may we disagree with grace and love.”
• We pray for those who do not know You, that they may be drawn to You.”

Step Four: Pray

End your time together by thanking God for your family. Ask God to help each of you grow in prayer as you see the hands throughout your home.