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War Room Movie Night: Older Child/Teen


As a movie night and discussion for parents/grandparents with an older child/teen


Helps to start a meaningful conversation about the power of prayer


• Plan for a night to watch the movie War Room (2015, rated PG). Decide whether to rent, purchase or go to a movie-viewing opportunity.
• “PluggedIn” movie review recommends ages 10+ for this movie. There are some topics that might not be suitable for younger children.
• Pop some popcorn and have this discussion guide ready.


Step One: The Setup
Before watching the movie, let your child know that you are looking to find ways to grow in the area of prayer. Consider starting your time by praying together, and asking God to show you how He moved mightily through prayer. Sit back, and enjoy a great time watching the movie together.

Step Two: Discuss

After the movie, talk through the following questions together. Encourage each person to share his or her answers.
• How would you describe your prayer life ... hot, cold or somewhere in between? Why?
• What steps can you take to move your prayer life where you want it to be?
• In the movie, they talked about fighting the wrong enemy. Read John10:10. Who is the real Enemy? How do you feel we can battle the Enemy together with prayer in our marriage? In our home?

Step Three: Prayer

Invite each person to share specific prayer requests that they would like to include in your prayer time. End your prayer by thanking God for your family and asking Him to help you grow in this area of prayer, both individually and as a family.