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Creating Impression Points


As general guides and best practices to do on a normal basis


Helps you launch frequent faith discussions in order to fulfill the commandment to “impress them on your children” found in Deuteronomy 6:6–9


Bring this recipe card with you to guide a discussion in which your child will select the times and questions he or she wants to try as you launch parent/child faith discussions.  


Be intentional, and when in a scenario found on the next page, engage your child(ren) in faith-based conversations.

Mealtime Capture moments while eating together. 

What to Do: After giving thanks for your meal, someone shout “High – Low?” That means everyone around the table must share the high point and low point of their day.

What to Discuss: While eating, discuss any of the following:

  • What Bible story did you learn at church this past weekend?
  • Name a favorite Bible character and tell his/her story.
  • If God wrote a letter directly to you this week, what topic would He address and what would He say?

Bedtime – Give each other a brief blessing at bed time.

 What to Do: While tucking in for bed, parent or child says “What do I love?” The other person must then guess what the person is thinking in one of the following categories:

  • A fun moment they shared that day
  • Something nice about the other person
  • Something that person did today that they appreciate

What to Discuss: Before falling asleep, ask and answer the following:

  • How did we experience God’s goodness today?
  • Did we need to ask God’s forgiveness today?
  • What do we want to give thanks for before falling asleep?

Drive Time – Explore God’s creativity while in the car.

What to Do: Each time you plan to take a short drive, play a game of “I spy” together—naming several things God created (a flower, a cloud, a bluebird, a cow, etc.) that you must spot before arriving to your destination.

What to Discuss: On a longer drive, discuss any of the following:

  • We know that God knows our future. What do you hope He sees in your future at age (insert future ages)?
  • What do you think God wants you to do this week in order to prepare for such an exciting future?
  • How will you use that future experience as a way of worshiping God with your life?

Finally, be sure to put a date on the calendar to get started!

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