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Face Your Fear!


When trying a brand new dish or style of food


Learning about facing our fears by trying out new foods, talking about personal challenges and learning how God’s love conquers all


  • Option 1: Ask your family members what new foreign food or dish they would like to try.
  • Option 2: Surprise your family with a new meal or foreign dish (the weirder the name the better). You can even decorate the dining room to match the culture of the new food you are trying.
  • Think of a story where you conquered a fear.
  • Have enough 3x5 cards for everyone.


DISCUSS: Why do we sometimes resist trying new foods? What are we usually afraid of?

ASK: What is one of your biggest fears right now? (afraid of the dark, trying to ride a bike, failing at something, standing up for what’s right, speaking up, dying, etc.)

DO: Take everyone’s fears seriously by noting them and praying for them.

SHARE: Think of a time when you conquered a fear (especially if it’s related to one mentioned) and share it with the family.

READ: Read 1 John 4:18 together: “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.”

ASK: How do you think God’s love drives out fear? (We know He is always in control, always looking out for us, always with us.)

READ: Mark 4:40 together: “[Jesus] said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?”

ASK: Why do you think faith conquers fear? (because trusting that God is our powerful protector means we don’t have to be afraid).

ACTIVITY: Have everyone write out their own Victory Verse on a 3x5 card to carry with them throughout the day or to put somewhere as a reminder. You can pick one verse for the whole family or let everyone pick their own. Some great fear-conquering Victory Verses include: Deut 31:6;  Josh 1:9;  1 Chron 28:20; Ps 4:8;  27:1;  34:4,7;  56:3-4;  Prov 29:25;  Isa 12:2;  41:10,13;  Matt 10:28;  Rom 8:15, 31;  1 Cor 16:13;  2 Tim 1:7;  Heb 13:6;  Jas 4:7;  1 Pet 3:13-14;  1 Jn 2:14

PRAY: Pray together: “We thank You, Lord, that we don’t have to fear people or our circumstances because we know You are always with us.  Thank You for our food, our time together and Your promises in the Bible. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”

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