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Fat Cat


As a bedtime prayer activity with younger children 


Affirms the unique value of your child


Place this recipe card on your young child’s nightstand and use it when tucking him or her in at night.


Fat Cat Bedtime Blessing

  1. As you tuck your child into bed, explain that you want to play a game where you create word pairs that rhyme—like “fat cat” or “funny bunny.”
  2. To play, one person thinks of a word or pair and gives clues to the other so they can guess what it is. For example, the clue for “funny bunny” might be “laughable rabbit.” For “fat cat” you might say “chubby kitty.”
  3. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:
    Rude Dude
    Old Cold
    Tan Man
    Dragon Wagon
    Snake Cake
    Ant’s Pants
  4. Now share this rhyme about your child:  [CHILD’S NAME] is an “enjoyable boy” or a “jewel daughter.”
  5. Let the child attempt to guess. Then tell him or her to listen for it in the following bedtime prayer that you pray while laying one hand on the child:

    Dear Father in heaven, thank You for all the fun You give us. And thank You for a [“fun son” or “pearl girl”] like [CHILD’S NAME] to share it with! Amen.
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