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Children: Parent Picture "Bedtime Blessing"


As a bedtime prayer activity with young children


A fun way to share your story with the child


Find a photo of yourself as a child—about the age that your son or daughter is currently.


Follow these steps to serve up a great experience:

  1. While tucking your child into bed, pull out the photo of yourself as a child and show it to him or her.
  2. Ask the child to guess the name of the person in the picture. Give him/her clues if needed, such as:
    • We are both very close to this person
    • He or she was born many years before you
    • He or she remembers when you were born
  3. If your child doesn’t guess correctly, reveal that you are the person in the picture. Briefly describe the house you lived in, your bedroom, your family, what you enjoyed doing, the church you attended (if any), and any other details that might interest your child.
  4. Invite your son/daughter to ask questions about what your life was like for you at the age pictured.
  5. Ask your child whether he/she thinks the two of you might have been friends if you were both little kids together instead of parent/child.
  6. Share that “Even though I’m a grown-up, there’s still a part of me that’s a little child who likes to play and hear stories. And I still like to be with certain little children – especially you!”
  7. Lay one hand on the child and pray this blessing:
Dear God, thank You for [CHILD’S NAME] whom You’ve given me. Help us, as we grow older, always to be great friends. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

The book Bedtime Blessings by John Trent has more great ideas.

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