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Time Wise


As a family night activity with children ages three through 12 


Illustrates the importance of using our time wisely


Have the following supplies ready for Family Night:

  • About 10 toy blocks or wood pieces of various lengths
  • A coffee table or flat surface shorter than the combined length of the blocks or wood pieces
  • A marker
  • A Bible 


Follow these steps to serve up a great experience:  

  1. Assemble the blocks from largest to smallest or have the child help you cut the wood into pieces of various lengths.
  2. Have a child write one of the following words on each of the longer pieces of wood representing the “Should Do” activities in his or her day: sleep, eat, school, bathe, chores, read, practice, etc. 
  3. Now have them write one of the following “Could Do” words on each of the shorter pieces of wood: television, video games, play with friends, eat ice cream, etc. 
  4. Invite the kids to your “24-Hour Table” or flat surface.  (Be sure the length of the surface is shorter than the combined length of the wood blocks.)
  5. Invite each child to design his or her ideal day by selecting the wood blocks that represent what they would like to do most and placing them end-to-end on the surface until they run out of table.  The child will quickly discover that there is not enough room on the table for several of the “Should Do” blocks such as “bathing” or “sleeping” or “school.” 
  6. Now invite each child to place the block on the “24-Hour Table” in order of importance – deciding which of the “Could Do” blocks should be lowest priority.  Share that we should protect some time for fun activities, but we might not get to do everything we enjoy every day.
  7. Read Ecclesiastes 3:1 and Matthew 25:14–29 together and discuss ways to become wise with the time God gives us.
  8. Memorize this together:  “Should do before could do”    
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