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Truth Treasure Map 


As a family night activity with children ages 3–10  


Shows that the difficult path may be the best path 


Have the following supplies ready for Family Night: 
  • Two “treasure maps” drawn as follows… 
  • Map #1: Boring in appearance with lots of difficult steps before reaching the treasure 
  • Map #2: Exciting in appearance with a few simple steps before reaching the treasure 
  • A Bible 


Follow these steps to serve up a great experience. 

  1. Show the kids both maps and tell them you want them to follow the directions to find two different treasures. Be sure to let the children take turns reading the clues or going to the next location so the younger or slower children can enjoy the experience. 
  2. Make sure they follow the exciting, simple map first. It should lead to a box labeled “False Treasure” containing dirty socks, crumpled paper or some other useless item. 
  3. Let the children complain about the contents of the “False Treasure” and then explain that “You’ve been following a map that seemed exciting and easy, but it was actually a lie!” 
  4. Now pull out Map #2 – the one that looks boring and difficult. Make sure the steps involved include crawling backwards, climbing stairs and other fun yet challenging steps. This map should lead to a box labeled “Truth Treasure” containing candy, money, a coupon to get ice cream or something else that will excite your children. 
  5. After the kids celebrate finding the “Truth Treasure” ask them which map was easier to follow? (The “False Treasure” map had easy steps.) Which was better? (The “Truth Treasure” map had a worthwhile reward.) 
  6. Read Proverbs 2:1–5 aloud together and emphasize that God promises great rewards for those who take the difficult path of truth rather than the easy path of lies. 
  7. Memorize together: “It’s best for you to seek what’s true!” 
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