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The Love Mirror


As a Valentines Day celebration activity


Understanding that real love is unselfish 


Make sure you have the following on hand:

  • A snack or dessert that can be fed to someone else with a fork or spoon such as ice cream, pie, cake, etc.
  • Craft paper, markers and scissors
  • A Bible


Follow these steps for a great experience…

  1. First, invite the child to sit about three feet directly across from another family member so the two are facing each other in a mirror image manner.
  2. Appoint one of them the “looking in the mirror” role, meaning they will decide what movements to make, such as scratching their head, sticking a finger in their ear, making a silly face, etc.
  3. Appoint the other the “mirror on the wall” role, instructing them to act like a mirror by mimicking every move of the other. (You may want to demonstrate first, but make it fun as you do.)
  4. Keep track of how often the “mirror” successfully reflects the actions of his or her partner, then switch roles. This will show both how challenging it can be to remain focused on the actions and expectations of others.
  5. Read 1 Corinthians 13 together describing the characteristics of true love. Discuss how remaining sensitive to and responding well to the needs and expectations of others is one way we “mirror” the love of Christ to others.
  6. Now serve dessert, but make a rule that no one can eat their dessert by themselves. They must feed one another in an unselfish fashion. Whoever becomes selfish by feeding themselves loses their dessert. (You may want to emphasize this point by having Mom or Dad cheat, causing them to get their dessert taken away, which wouldn’t do them any harm anyway!)
  7. Finish up by having the children create a homemade Valentines card for a grandparent, uncle, friend or someone to whom they want to share their love.
  8. Memorize this jingle: “Unselfish love is from above.”

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