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Creating a Marriage Masterpiece


As a pre-planned date night discussion


Nurtures a shared vision of God’s design for your marriage 


  • Schedule a dinner or coffee date at least two weeks in advance.
  • Each spouse should read the book Your Marriage Masterpiece by Al Janssen and reflect on the questions on the back of this Blueprint card.
  • Write down your thoughts to discuss them during the date.

During the Date 

  1. Each spouse take turns sharing his or her answers to the reflection questions. 
  2. Brainstorm the What If? scenario together.   

Reflection Questions

Question:  Before reading Your Marriage Masterpiece, what would I have said if asked to explain the purpose of our marriage?

Question:  How does understanding God’s design for marriage change or influence that answer?

Question: Your Marriage Masterpiece describes several characteristics of God’s marriage to humanity that should be reflected in our marriage.  Which of those characteristics come easy and which come harder?

  • A Covenant Marriage – A lifelong, unbreakable commitment
  • A Passionate Marriage – Fully giving myself physically and emotionally
  • A Fighting Marriage – Forgiving quickly and fighting FOR the relationship
  • A One-Sided Marriage – Placing your needs above my own 
  • A Heroic Marriage –  Humbling myself and serving you

Question:  What one thing will I try to do that might move our marriage closer to the masterpiece it can be?

What If?

Brainstorm the following together to come up with at least ten answers.

The romance fairy just flew up and handed us ten thousand dollars that must be spent on a five day get-away without the kids. He said we can’t go to a place we’ve been to before and we must try some new adventure. Where would we consider going and what adventures would we try?

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