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A date night activity and discussion guide


Husbands and wives will consider ways to re-spark romance by demonstrating love through meaningful words and actions.


  • Schedule a dinner or coffee date.
  • Bring this recipe card and a Bible.

During the Date 

Read and Do

1.  Get in the mood by picking one or more of the following romantic passages from the Song of Solomon and reading it to your spouse. Yes, each phrase is supposed to be a compliment!

Husbands:  Song of Solomon 4:1–2;  4:9–10 or 7:1–2
Wives:  Song of Solomon 1:2–4;  2:3–4  or 5:10–16

2.  Now take turns verbally complimenting your spouse about his/her heart then his/her mind and then his/her body.


  • We each interpret love differently. While it’s easy to know what makes us feel cherished, the hard part is to understand and demonstrate love in ways that are meaningful to the other person.
  • Pay attention as your spouse shares which of the following makes him or her feel most loved: I feel most loved when you…

    Use spoken or written words of encouragement, praise, affirmation, or appreciation towards me.
    Offer to help me complete tasks and serve me through actions.
    Show physical affection towards me (back-rub, holding hands, meaningful touch, etc.).
    Desire to spend time with me and plan accordingly.
    Surprise me with a simple gift that required thoughtfulness.


  • •Focus on the expression of love that makes your spouse feel most loved, decide what you will do, and then clearly demonstrate it this week.
  • •Husbands, surprise your wife with something she would like such as a candle-lit bubble bath you have prepared.
  • •Wives, surprise your husband with something he would enjoy such as serving sparkling cider with cheese and crackers to enjoy together.

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