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A Christmas Stocking Family Tradition


A Christmas and New Year’s family tradition


Learning the purpose of intentional living


• Index card or piece of paper for each family member
• Pens
• Family Christmas stockings


1. Choose a time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, before you store the Christmas decorations, to sit down as a family.

2. Give each person a card or paper to write out individual goals, resolutions and/or dreams for the coming New Year. As a family, you may choose to set a limit of one resolution or allow as many goals and dreams as each person would like. Make sure the goals are easy to remember throughout the year and doable (e.g., read one book a month, have quiet time at least three times a week, have a family night once a month). Whereas, dreams can be more of the hopes the New Year might bring (e.g., marriage, pregnancy, college acceptance, new puppy).

3. Place the card or paper into the bottom of each person’s stocking. Pack the stockings until the next Christmas season.

4. When the family opens the stockings next year, read your goals and dreams to each other. Share how each person was intentional with his or her goals. Share how God worked within your family regarding the goals and dreams of each member.

Written by Prestonwood member Beth Petrashek