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Affirming Celebrations


As an activity to celebrate someone’s life—birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, graduation, or other special occasion 


Helps turn special occasions into an opportunity for affirmation and encouragement


  • Give those you hope will say a word of encouragement advance notice so that they can think about what they would like to say. 
  • Suggest they write down their thoughts in advance, making it less awkward for some and more specific for others.
  • If you desire, bring a Bible or write down a specific verse to encourage the person.

During the Celebration

We often assume that others know how much we appreciate and/or love them, but we rarely tell them. So capture the moment during an upcoming celebration (birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, etc.) to affirm those God has placed in your life. This is an incredible time to build someone up by letting them hear how much they mean to you and others. Suggestions…  

  • Sometimes those receiving words of affirmation can be uncomfortable because they don’t want all the fuss or attention. Nevertheless, they will cherish the things said for years to come. Encourage them to enjoy it, take it in and know they are loved! 
  • Have someone start by stating how much the group values the individual and that you would like to take some time to share how much they mean to each of you.
  • Take turns affirming the individual you are celebrating. You can go in random order and can always go twice or three times. As others are sharing, you often are reminded of other things that you treasure about that person.
  • Optional: Read Jeremiah 29:11 together as a reminder that God has a plan for each of us, especially the person being celebrated.
  • Finish the time of affirmation by praying together for that person. Thank the Lord for the person’s life and the many ways they bless each one of you. Pray that the Lord would bless them in the future.

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