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Blessing Notes


To encourage a spouse, child, grandchild or parent


Affirms the value of family members in a tangible manner


  • Purchase a supply of blank note cards.
  • Decide whom you intend to bless.
  • Protect 15 to 20 minutes on your schedule this week to review the blessing note suggestions and samples on the reverse side.
  • Choose a creative way to deliver the notes, such as:

    To a Wife: Place in favorite shoes
    To a Husband: Place on car dashboard
    To a Young Child: Put in lunch bag
    To a Teen: Hide in backpack and send a text encouraging him or her to look for it
    To a Grandchild: Send e-mail saying an important snail mail is on the way
    To a Parent: Send snail mail

Writing a Blessing Note To... 

A Wife: Let her know how much you cherish her feminine traits, including her nurturing spirit, her beauty, and the ways she gives of herself. Sample language…

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the way you bring beauty into my life and the life of our children. Thank you for (insert something she did this past week.) You are lovely inside and out, and it is a joy (and thrill) to be married to you.

A Husband: Tell him that you respect him and admire his masculine qualities, including his hard work, his character, and the ways he gives of himself. Sample language… 

You are a good man who tries to do the right thing in every situation, and I want you to know how much I admire you for that. (Give a specific example from the past week.) I am proud to call you my husband.

A Child/Grandchild: Cheer them on as they move toward their God-given potential. Suggested language…

   □ A Young Child: You are a special young boy/girl, and I prayed for you today, asking God to bless your life.

   □  A Teen: I believe God is going to use you in great ways in the future because I see so much potential in you now.

A Parent: Express gratitude for the sacrifices they made for you and “connect the dots” to what you are doing now as the return on their investment. Suggested language…

It has been 10 years (20? 30?) since I graduated from high school. I thought it was time to thank you for giving me such a strong foundation in life. I feel I am doing well at work (in marriage, with my kids, etc.) because of your example! 

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