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“Rooted in Christ”

Girls’ Ministry Group Serves at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

All summer long, members of the Girls Bible Study at Prestonwood Baptist Church have been examining what it truly means to be “rooted in Christ.” And in their final week of study, their leaders planned a Girls’ Serve Day, because a life rooted in Jesus means a life devoted to serving others.

The girls, from grades 7 through 12 and from a variety of schools, all serve on what their leaders call the “cultural front lines.”

Fifty-five girls from a Bible study in the Student Ministry serve at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center.

“We couldn’t think of any place that serves others better than the [Prestonwood] Pregnancy Center,” said Stephanie Williford, Director of the Girls’ Ministry. “Our girls are on the front lines at their schools every day dealing with cultural issues.

“We agreed that spending an afternoon serving at the pregnancy center was the perfect way to help equip our girls to be lights in a dark world.” Stephanie said. “But it was also an opportunity for them to see a picture of God’s love and redemption!”

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center Director Leanne Jamieson speaks to the group.

Director of Prestonwood Pregnancy Center Leanne Jamieson gave the 55 girls a tour and—with the permission of a friend of the center—the opportunity for them to watch the young mother’s baby on a monitor during a sonogram.

“God is the creator and giver of life,” Leanne said, “so we talk about what we do here, why we do what we do, and we show them.

“And we spent some time on how they can be great advocates for the center,” she said. “Sometimes we have to serve their peers—they might have a friend who made some choices, and we talk about what you do say and what you don’t say.”

On this particular day, Leanne said, the center had 20 to 30 clients with great needs. It was a day when clients are able to “shop” for maternity and baby items that have been donated.

“We probably had 30 girls working on that project, and the others working at the center,” she said. “They asked a lot of great questions and they worked hard.”

Girls sort baby clothes donated to PPC for clients.


Holiday Helms, 15, said she came away thankful after her visit to the pregnancy center.

“I was thankful to God for all that He has done in the lives of the women who come to the pregnancy center, whatever their mindset is and whatever their past looks like,” she said.

“I was also thankful that we have the resources to help these women in tough situations, and also thankful that we, as a girls’ ministry, could make a difference,” Holiday said.

Leanne said she loves when teens serve at the pregnancy center.

“I think the teenage years are a time of exploration, in what they believe and why they believe it, and in the value of life,” she said. “I’d rather have them come to the [pregnancy] center before they go off in the world, to college, and they hear a different message.”

The staff at Prestonwood Pregnancy Center often hear young women say that they don’t want their life to change just because they’re pregnant.

“We want to take head-on some of the misconceptions these young women have,” Leanne said. “A lot of what they think is not true.”

Girls sort baby clothes donated to PPC for clients.

At the end of their day of service, the girls knew that their efforts would make a difference in the lives of new mothers and their babies.

“I learned a lot of things walking away from serving at PPC,” said Kyndra Samaniego, 17, “but one thing that stood out to me in particular was how the staff takes such sweet care of every woman or young lady who walks through the doors.

“No matter the background or age of the woman walking in, the staff loves them just as Jesus would!” she said.

The young volunteers stayed busy during their visit—organizing, folding, and storing baby clothes that had been donated so mothers can provide for their babies, said Kate Barclay, 14.

“But the amazing thing about the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center is the amount of love and support they want to give the new mothers,” she said.

Girls clean toys donated to PPC for clients.

Like many of those young volunteers who came to help on this day, Brinley Russ, 14, hoped to share the love of Christ with every woman they met.

“The Pregnancy Center is such a great ministry and they put all the ladies who go there at ease and just share the love of Christ with all of them,” Brinley said.

“I loved just serving them and helping sort and fold baby clothes for all the women who need help providing for their children.”

Published: August 7, 2019
Author: Michael Young