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Our Leadership & Staff

  • Scott Turner

    Associate Pastor E-mail
  • Scott Seal

    Executive Director of PowerPoint Ministries E-mail
  • Dr. Jason Snyder

    Minister of Spiritual Development E-mail
  • David Shivers

    Associate Pastor of Local & Global Outreach E-mail
  • Alan Monk

    Executive Director of Administration E-mail
  • Dr. Michael Goddard

    Prestonwood Christian Academy, Superintendent E-mail
  • Rick Briscoe

    Associate Pastor of Worship E-mail
  • Kaleb Moore

    Associate Pastor of Worship E-mail
  • Larry Brubaker

    Director of Worship Administration/Orchestra E-mail
  • Jonathan Walker

    Director of Music Production E-mail
  • Johann Acuña

    Music Director/Arranger E-mail
  • Andy Pearson

    Director of Next Gen Choirs/Creative Production E-mail
  • Kristin Brown-Jimenez

    Children's Music Director E-mail
  • Ron Kelley

    Director of Prestonwood Foundation E-mail
  • Mike Maack

    Director of Prestonwood Sports Organization E-mail
  • Jack Raymond

    Online Community Pastor E-mail
  • Dr. Charles Hebert

    Associate Minister Pastoral Care E-mail
  • Sondra Saunders

    Assistant Pastoral Care E-mail
  • Shawn Callander

    Minister to Family & Men's Ministry E-mail
  • Michael Perron

    Minister of Life Recovery E-mail
  • Tim Matthews

    Minister to Adults E-mail
  • Dr. Jonathan Teague

    Minister to Married Adults E-mail
  • Josh Steckel

    Minister to Married Adults E-mail
  • Matt Mullins

    Minister to Open Division E-mail
  • Alan Moore

    Alan Moore

    Minister to Senior Adults E-mail
  • Jonathan Adkins

    Minister to Single Adults E-mail
  • Jacob Browning

    Minister to Married Adults E-mail
  • Peyton Coker

    Peyton Coker

    Minister to Young Singles E-mail
  • Jason Mick

    Minister to Students E-mail
  • Jordan Whicker

    High School Minister E-mail
  • Bryant Forshee

    Minister to Junior High E-mail
  • Jameson Barker

    Minister of Student Discipleship E-mail
  • Steph Williford

    Girls Ministry Associate E-mail
  • Diana Pendley

    Minister to Children E-mail
  • Rhonda Brittain

    Preschool Minister E-mail
  • Matt Rucker

    Elementary Minister E-mail
  • Nichole Huggins

    Director of Special Needs E-mail
  • Mike Beeson

    Minister of Missions E-mail
  • Ben Epperson

    Associate Minister of Outreach E-mail
  • Tasha Calvert

    Global Director of Women's Ministry E-mail
  • Josh Graham

    Director of Communications E-mail
  • Bryan Bailey

    Director of Media E-mail
  • Vicki Shupe

    Director of Administration E-mail
  • Coby Allen

    Director of Finance E-mail
  • Jim Wineberger

    Facility Director E-mail
  • Georgia Miller

    Human Resources Director E-mail
  • Susan Tennyson

    Human Resources Specialist E-mail
  • Patrick Trela

    Director of Information Technology E-mail
  • Kelly Flores

    Bookstore Manager E-mail
  • Michael Oney

    Director of Food Service E-mail
  • Shawn Wallace

    Director of Safety & Security E-mail
  • Jerry Owen

    Exterior Services Director E-mail
  • Donna McIlroy

    Director of Weddings E-mail
  • Michelle Pinkston

    Christian Learning Center Global Director E-mail
  • Leanne Jamieson

    Executive Director of Prestonwood Pregnancy Center E-mail
  • Neal Jeffrey

    Lead Pastor - Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Jeff Brockelman

    Worship Leader - Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Bryan Cox

    Minister of Spiritual Development - Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Jonathan Walker

    Associate Music Minister - Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Stephanie Scott

    Director of Children’s Ministry – Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Marcus Eaves

    Minister to Students - Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Leanne Jamieson

    Director of Women’s Ministry – Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Angelia Thames

    Christian Learning Center Director - Dallas Campus E-mail
  • Lance Millsaps

    Associate Pastor - North Campus E-mail
  • Phil Sallee

    Minister to Adults & Pastoral Care - North Campus E-mail
  • Kathy Kovalchuk

    Director of Children’s Ministry – North Campus E-mail
  • Casey Burt

    Minister to Young Adults - North Campus E-mail
  • Anthony Vargas

    Minister to Students – North Campus E-mail
  • Cole Travis

    Minister to High School Students – North Campus E-mail
  • Erin Edwards

    Girls Ministry Associate - North Campus E-mail
  • Tasha Calvert

    Global Director of Women's Ministry E-mail
  • Blake Johnson

    Student Music Associate - North Campus E-mail
  • Allison Hankins

    Children’s Music Director – North Campus E-mail
  • Rhandi Dodson

    CLC Director - North Campus E-mail
  • Gilberto Corredera

    Pastor - Prestonwood en Español E-mail
  • Fernando Mangieri

    Associate Pastor - Prestonwood en Español E-mail
  • Orbe Pérez

    Lewisville Campus Pastor - Prestonwood en Español E-mail
  • Beker Figueroa

    Worship Minister (Español) E-mail
  • Yani Corredera

    Children’s Ministry Director - Prestonwood en Español E-mail