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Your First Time

Children's security at Prestonwood

Your child’s safety is of the utmost concern to us. That’s why we take such great care making sure our children’s buildings are as safe and secure as possible. With this in mind, please follow these five easy check-in procedures: 

1. Get a QuickPass

Pick up your family's QuickPass key tags at any security booth or in the Children's Ministry offices.

2. Go to a Check-In Booth

Check in your child at any one of our convenient check-in locations. (Note: Grades 4-6 will be allowed to check in without a parent, but must check in to be permitted to enter the Children’s Ministry Building.)

3. Get Your Child’s Nametag

You will receive a nametag displaying your child’s name that is to be placed prominently on your child’s clothing. (Access to the Children’s Ministry Building will not be granted without a nametag.)

4. Get Your Check-In Receipt

In addition to your child’s nametag, for all children birth through grade 3, you will be given a printed “receipt” for child pick-up that bears a randomized alphanumeric code. This code will also appear on your child’s nametag. Please do not wear the receipt on your person, but keep it in a safe place so that you may present it when picking up your child

5. Get a Parent’s Nametag

Parents must print a nametag for themselves. You may also print optional asset tags to label your child’s belongings. 

Access to the Children’s Ministry  Building will not be allowed without a nametag and a receipt.